Major Achievements of Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Department of Mechanical Engineering has given total 14 University Rankers (Top Ten) since 1983. Mr. Chandra Dev Singh secured 1st Rank in Pune University and won 10 different gold medals in 2002. In 2005-2006, two students secured 1st and 10th rank in the University. Also in the year 2006-07, one student stood 3rd in the University rank list. Three students namely Mr. Avhad Samadhan, Mr. Bhawar Sarjerao, and Mr. Bankar Mahesh secured 7th, 8th and 9th rank respectively in University for the examinations conducted in May/June 2013.

In Academic year 2018-19, a Team of 25 students secured “All India Third Rank (AIR-03)” in Hybride Vehicle Championship (HVC: 2019) competition held at Galgotias University, Noida. In the same year a Team of 25 students grabbed “All India Fourth Rank (AIR-04)” in Asia’s Biggest Solar Car event, Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC: 2019) organized by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers – ISIEINDIA.

In Academic year 2017-18, a Team of 22 students stood “All India Runner-Up” in National Electric Kart Championship (NEKC: 2017-2018), Organized By Credible Future Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. A Team of 28 students secured “All India Second Rank (AIR-02)” in Hybrid Vehicle Championship-2018 conducted by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE), India. In Academic year 2016-17, a Team of 25 students secured “All India Second Rank (AIR-02)” in National Solar Vehicle Challenge (NSVC: 2016-2017) competition conducted by Dynamist Motorsports Pvt. Ltd., Delhi.

Number of students regularly participates in Technical/Project Competitions like Roborace, Lathe war, Sports etc. events at District/Zonal/University level competitions. The Department has received a total fund of Rs.45 lakhs till date from various bodies viz. BCUD, SPPU Pune for doing research, 7 lakhs from AICTE under MODROB, and 5 lakhs under TAPTEC. Apart from deputing the staff members for higher studies, they are encouraged to attend various conferences, seminars, workshops to upgrade their knowledge. Many staff members have presented and published papers at both National & International level journals/conferences. Currently, 10 staff members in the dept. have been awarded with Ph.D. and 16 teaching staff is pursuing the Ph.D.    

Staff Achievements:

Sr. No.Name of StaffAward Received
1 Dr.A.G.Thakur Received Outstanding Engineer Award By IE Ahmednagar Local Chapter
2 Prof.D.K.Kabade Completed 10 NPTEL courses and held rank 2 in India to complete multiple courses
3 Dr.L.S.Dhamande Completed PhD
4 Dr.S.V.Bhaskar Completed PhD
5 Dr. A G Thakur, Prof K N Wakchaure,
Prof Nilesh D. Sadaphal,
Mr Ankit Kapale,
Mr. Prashant Jadhav,
Have published three patents
1.Child safety door latch lock
2.Tube and tubeless chambered hybrid tire
3.Helmet with hands-free visor control

University Rank Holders:

Sr. No.NameYearUniversity Rank
1 Prateek Namth 1998 4th
2 Ghanekar Kaushik Suresh 1998 9th
3 Chandra Dev Singh 2002 1st
4 Hirade Sandip S 2003 5th
5 Mundhe Umesh 2003 6th
6 Badhan Chetan 2003 8th
7 Ms Janhavi Nene 2004 4th
8 Gurusevaksingh J Ghatode 2005 2nd
9 Abhijit Dutta 2006 1st
10 Satish Kumar 2006 10th
11 Jitendra Haral 2007 3rd
12 Avhad Samadhan Kailash 2013 7th
13 2013 Bhawar Sarjerao Appasaheb 8th
14 Bankar Mahesh Sanjaykumar 2013 9th
15 Miss. Snehal Mohite 2018 2nd (TE exam)

Mechanical Department Toppers

1 2011 Miss. Jagdale Harshavadhini Arjunrao. 78.33%
2 2012 Mr. Mahale Dnyaneshwar Suresh 76.00%
3 2013 Mr. Avhad Samadhan Kailas 80.26%
4 2014 Mr.Kulkarni Vaibhav Vilas 78.67%
5 2015 Darekar Nikhil Dagadu 78.13%
6 2016 Pande Pranav Sunil 78%
7 2017 Mane Akshay Vikas 78.73%
8 2018 Vakte Shraddha Machindra 85.13%
9 2019 Mohite Snehal Shankar 9.76 (CGPA)

Cad/Cam And Training Courses In Academic Year 2019-20

1 Creo 4.0 68 40 Hrs Prof.Y.A.Bhavsar 22/07/2019 to 10/09/2019
2 Lean Manufacturing 121 1 Day Mukund Deshmukh (MIDC-Autocluster,Ahmednagar) 19/09/2019
3. Road Safety 50 1 Day Vinod Ghanvat 14/01/2020
4 Python Programming (online course) 54 3 days IIT Bombay, Conducted by Prof.K.N.Wakchaure 22-7/2019 to 24/7/2019
5 Programming using CPP 36 2 days Yogesh Ranode 27-28 Jan2020
6 Python Programming (online course) 70 3 days IIT Bombay, Conducted by Prof.K.N.Wakchaure 2,3,4 March
7 Ansys 40 30 Hrs Prof.R.B.Patthe and Prof.N.S.Suner 10-25July 2019
8 GD and T 76 12 Hrs Prof.H.P.Varade, Prof.A.A.Joshi 23/012020 to 3-4/02/2020


1 Creo-Parametric 25 40 Hrs Prof.Y.A.Bhavsar 29/08 to 24/09/2018
2 Introduction to C/C++ 22 30 Hrs Prof.P.M.Vibhute


27/08 to 21/09/2018
3. STTP on Basics of Python 32 35 Hrs Prof.K.N.Wakchaure
Course conducted by
IIT Bombay and MHRD
07/01/2019 to 09/01/2019
4 3D Printing Workshop 51 8 Hrs Mr.Raviraj Karale
Prashat Pawar
Rio 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping, Karad
5 ANSYS Course 47 30Hrs Prof.N.S.Surner


09/07 to 19/07/2018
6 Application of Excel in Engineering 40 8 Hrs Prof.P.M.Patare 14/02/2019
7 Design Using Excel 70 30 Hrs Dr.S.V.Bhaskar 10/7 to 14/7/2018
8 Microsoft Excel Basics 50 6 Hrs Prof.K.C.Bhosale  


1 Auto Lisp Programming 46 3 days Dr.A.G.Thakur
18-20/ 07/2017
2 TIFAN   1 day Dr.Sachin Matkar,Pune
3 3D Printing 230 2 days Prashnat Pawar
4 Microsoft Excel Basic 26 One day K.C.Bhosale
5 CNC Program 24 One week Dr.A.G.Thakur
7 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Awareness 34 One day Mr. and Mrs Gokhale by GATI institute,Jalgaon
(Mr.J.B.Ashtekar and Mr.Y.S.Dighe)
8 Workshop on vehicle making 158 0ne day Mr.Devan Bharadwaj and Mr.Mudasir Farooq Khan,Delhi

Expert/Guest Lecture In Academic Year 2019-20:

1 Mr. Lawrence Carnolius, Manager Procurement Kalpataru Ltd. Mumbai Engineering Life Learning 26/08/2019,Saturday @ 12.35pm JBA
2 Mr. Ashish Chavan Senior Procurement Engg,Al-Turki Enterprises LLC,Muscat,Oman.Alumni of 1997 batch Carrier Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in Gulf 30/07/2019 Tuesday,10.00 am to 12.50 am JBA
3 Dr. Bale Reddy, Department of Automotive , Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Ontario Tech University, Canada. Second Law analysis of Thermal Energy Storage System 19 July 2019 DPB
4 Mr. Vivek Sawant, Associate First Engineer, Tanker Pacific Management, Singapore. Opportunities in Merchant Navy 11 July 2019 DPB
5 Mr. Narendra L Palande , Application Engineer, EDS Technologies Pvt Ltd. Pune Overview of Abaqus Software 27 September 2019, Friday, @ 12.35pm SPP&RBP&BDD
6 Mr. Manoj Kumar Barse Buziness DEveloment Manager, EDS Technologies Pvt Ltd. Pune Overview of Abaqus Software 27 September 2019, Friday, @ 12.35pm SPP&RBP&BDD
7 Mr. Mukund Deshmukh , VP Ahmednagar Auto Cluster Ltd. Ahmednagar Lean Manufacturing 19 September 2019 10.00 am to 2.25 pm JA & AAJ
8 Mr. Omkar Thigale, Technical Head, TATA Motors Ltd Pune Electric Scooters- The Future of Mobility 22 September 2019 10.00 am to 12.30 pm IIS
9 Mr. Sudhir Chaudhari, Deputy Manager Design Cummins India Ltd Pune Product Life Cycle from Design Perspective 07 September 2019 12.30 pm to 2.25 pm LSD
1. Industry 4.0 is unfolding: Prepare to Prosper Mr.Rohan Joshi Director BizM Consulting Pvt Ltd Pune 15/01/2020 PNP
2. Amol Take Assistant Prof Career Guidance:What after BE?   JBA and RBP


Students Special Achievements:

students special achievements

Students Achievements in Technical Fields

Sr NoTitleName of StudentRankOrganized by
AY 2018-19
1 National level Technical Symposium Aglave Kunal,
Aher Prathamesh,
Bhuse Sakshi
2nd PREC, Loni
2 Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) 2019: Centaurus 3.0 25 students Participated AIR 4th Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIEINDIA)
3 Hybride Vehicle Championship 2019 25 students Participated AIR 3th Galgotias University, Noida
4 DRDO Robotics & unmanned system Exposition 2018 (Rs 10,000/- cash Prize) Ankit Kapale,
Pratik Kale,
Shubham Rahane,
Saurav Kukkar,
Prashant Jadhav
Zonal Level qualify DRDO, Pune
5 CRETECHNOVA 2K19 Lathe War Kahandal Pritish 2nd College of Engineering, Malegaon (Bk.)
6 CRETECHNOVA 2K19 Robo Race Kahandal Pritish
Raktate Kiran
Ugale Dnyaneshwar
Nagare Atul
1st College of Engineering, Malegaon (Bk.)
7 CRETECHNOVA 2K19 Boat Race Kiran Raktate
Pritish Kahandal
2nd College of Engineering, Malegaon (Bk.)
8 ABINITIO 2K18-19 Block Warrior Kiran Raktate
Atul Nagare
Pagare Amol
1st Govt. College of Engineering & Research, Avasari (KH), Ambegaon, Pune
9 ABINITIO 2K18-19 Robo-soccer Kiran Raktate 1st Govt. College of Engineering & Research, Avasari (KH), Ambegaon, Pune
10 Techno-Spark 2K19 Robo-Race Nagare Atul
Patare Vishwajit
Raktate Kiran
Nikam Rajendra
2nd Jaihind College of Engineering, Kuran, Pune
11 PROJIT Cad-Mania Kahandal Pritish
Kukkar Saurav
Pathade Shubham
Nikam Rajendra

JIT, Nasik
12 PROJIT Robo-Race Raktate Kiran
Nagare Atul
Pawar Adarsh
Ugale Dnyaneshwar
2nd JIT, Nasik

Students Achievement in Sports

Sr NoTitleName of StudentRankOrganized by
1 Chess (Men’s) Done Aditya
Agrawal Suraj
Agrawal Suraj
Ahmednagar District Zonal Sport Committee, SPPU, Pune
2 Chess (Women’s) More Smita
Jawale Aishwarya
1st Ahmednagar District Zonal Sport Committee, SPPU, Pune
3 Hockey Thombre Pradeep
Tambe Shubham
Tapare Bhushan
Sutkar Shubham
Girase Sarang
Shinde Anant
1st Ahmednagar District Zonal Sport Committee, SPPU, Pune
4 Hockey Sutkar Shubham,
Thombre Pradeep,
Tambe Shubham
1st Inter Zonal Sports selection, Ahmednagar
5 Volleyball (Women’s) Asane Sakshi,
Chavan Suvarna,
Asane Sakshi

Ahmednagar District Zonal Sport Committee, SPPU, Pune
Inter Zonal Sports selection, Ahmednagar
6 Volleyball (Women’s) Arvilkar Shivaji,
Deokar Shantanu,
Shete Akash
Shete Akash

Ahmednagar District Zonal Sport Committee, SPPU, Pune
Inter Zonal Sports selection, Ahmednagar
7 Fencing Kulkarni Prajakta,
Kulkarni Prajakta

Ahmednagar District Zonal Sport Committee, SPPU, Pune
Inter Zonal Sports selection, Ahmednagar
8 Softball Jadhav Amol -- Inter Zonal Sports selection, Ahmednagar
9 Volleyball (Men’s) Best Smasher Akash Shete 1st SUMMIT’18, MIT-WPU, Pune