R & D Mechanical Engineering

Funded/ Sponsored Research Projects:

1 Mr.S R Thorat,
Dr. A G Thakur
Investigation of Influence of Burnishing Process on Surface Properties of Aluminum Alloy Research Mentorship Program, Aspire, BCUD, SPPU Pune 11/06/2019 3,00,000/-
2 Prof. N D Sadaphal,
Prof. K N Wakchaure
Underwater Friction Stir Welding of Magnesium Alloy. Research Mentorship Program, Aspire, BCUD, SPPU Pune 11/06/2019 2,70,000/-
1. Prof. S.V.Fartale
Prof. K. C. Bhosale
Development of Magneto -Rherehological (MR) Brake for two wheeler BCUD, SPPU Pune 27/03/2015 2,40,000/-
2. Prof. K. C. Bhosale
Optimization of heat balance in resistance spot welding and improvement of fatigue life of welded joints BCUD, SPPU Pune 27/03/2015 1,70,000/-
3. Prof. S. P. Palekar
Prof. K B Somwanshi
Probabilistic Finite Element Method modeling and fracture analysis of single edge notched laminated composite plate. BCUD, SPPU Pune 27/03/2015 80,000/-
4. Prof. K. N. Wakcahure
Experimental investigation of influence of tool geometry on mechanical properties of friction stir welded joint BCUD, SPPU Pune 27/03/2015 2,00,000/-

Consultancy Work Details:

SR NODateName & AddressType of Work DoneService provided byAmount Recieved in Rs.
1 24-07-2018 Marathwada Association of Small Scale Industries (MASSIA) and GIZ Germany Student Innovation project on MSME Live problems Faculties with students. 1,90,000/-
2 18-03-2019 MMNATC COE and Tech Malegaon Vibration measurement Dr. L.S. Dhamande 6,000/-
3 12-01-2019 Deogiri COE-Aurangabad Vibration measurement Dr. L.S. Dhamande 1,000/-
4 18-08-2018 Design innovation Center, IDC IITB Mumbai Anti-Riot Helmet Analysis Dr. A. B. Bhagwat,
Mr. K. N. Wakchaure
Academic Year 2017-18
5. 25-09-2017 MMNATC COE and Tech Malegaon Vibration measurement Dr. L.S. Dhamande 10,000/-
Academic Year 2016-17
6. 03-10-2016 MMNATC COE and Tech Malegaon Vibration measurement Dr. L.S. Dhamande 10,000/-
Academic Year 2015-16
7. 04-04-2016 Mr. Jadhav Sandeep, SNJB, Chandwad Vibration analysis of Gear box Dr. L.S. Dhamande 6,000/-
8. 15-07-2015 Mr. Kolhe M.P. AVCOE,Sangamer Natural frequency of healthy and cracked beam using FFT Analyser Dr. L.S. Dhamande 6,000/-
9. 30-06-2015 Miss.Toshita Dhande MIT,Aurangabad Using FFT Analyser Dr. L.S. Dhamande 5,000/-
10. 04-06-2015 Mr. Pankaj D. Shinde :AVCOE, Sangamner Surface finish testing Mr. H. P. Varade 1,000/-

Patents Filed By Mechanical Department:

Academic Year 2017-18Academic Year 2013-14
1 201821022292 A Child safety door latch lock Dr. A G Thakur,
Mr. K N Wakchaure,
Mr Ankit Kapale,
Mr. Prashant Jadhav
29-06-2018 Published
2 201821022343 A Tube and tubeless chambered hybrid tire Dr. A G Thakur,
Mr. K N Wakchaure,
Mr. N D. Sadaphal
Mr Ankit Kapale,
Mr. Prashant Jadhav
29-06-2018 Published
3 201821022388 A Helmet with hands-free visor control Dr. A G Thakur,
Mr. K N Wakchaure,
Mr Ankit Kapale,
Mr. Prashant Jadhav
29-06-2018 Published
4. 201821004172 Control moment Gyroscope configuration for Spherical Robot Vehicle. Mr Ankit Kapale
Mr. Prashant Jadhav
04-02-2018 Application Awaiting Examination
Academic Year 2015-16
5. 201621007509 Clutch Gear Lever technology for gear shifting in Automobile Mr. S.V.Fartale 03-03-2016 Published
6. 201621000892 Development of POLYTETRAFLUROETHYLENE (PTFE) composite base material for sugarcane crushing roller. Dr. P M Patare 11-01-2016 Published
7. 201621000943 Hand wheel mounted hand operated (paddle less) smart braking system for four wheeler automobiles. Mr. S.V.Fartale 11-01-2016 Published
Academic Year 2014-15
8. 1264/MUM/2015 Innovative Method of Conversion of Car Into Bike And Vice A Versa. Dr. S S Ingale 31-03-2015 Application Examined (Fer Issued)
9. 724/MUM/2014 Pedal Operated Gooseberry Seed Removing Machine. Mr. M D Pasarkar
Mr. D P Bhaskar
Dr. A. G. Thakur
28-02-2014 Application Awaiting Examination
10. 102/MUM/2014 Innovative Method of Emission Reduction of Diesel Engine Using Cerium Oxide A+s A Fuel Additive. Dr. S S Ingale 13-01-2014 Application in Amended stage


Academic Year 2019-20 (till 3-3-2020)
  • Mr. D. P. Bhaskar, “FE Modeling for geometrically nonlinera analysis of laminated plates using a new plate theory”, Advaces in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science, doi.org/10.12989/ass.2019.6.5.409
  • Mr. D. P. Bhaskar, “Geometrically Nonlinear analysisof Laminated Composite Platessublected to Uniform Distributed Load using a New Hypothesis: FEM approach”, Mechanics Of Advanced Composite Stuctures
  • Mr S. R. Thorat, “Analysis of surface roughness and wear resistance in low plasticity burnishing process using multi objective optimization techniques”, Advances in Minerals, metals, Materials, Manufacturing and Modelling (ICAM-5)

Academic Year 2018-19
  • Chandra Shekhar Pant and Amitabh Bhattacharya, “Evaluation of an energy consistent entrainment model for volumetrically forced jets using large eddy simulations”, American Institute of Physics, pp-105-107, doi: 10.1063/1.5049457.
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  • K C Bhosale, Integrated Production Planning and scheduling for parallel production lines.”, Springer nature singapore (Book chapter)
  • A. B. Bhagwat, “Falling Water films over vertical surfaces due to orthogonal water jet impingement”, Fluid Dynamics Research (Japanese society of fluid mechanics) Scopus
  • C. S. Pant, “Evolution of Droplets During Turbulent Mixing of Air Parcels”, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Conference 2018 IITB (7th Int and 45th National)
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  • D. P. Bhaskar, “A new inverse trigonometric shear deformation theory for bending analysis of laminated composite plates using finite element method”, International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials and Devices (ICAFMD-2019)
  • Y. H. Ahire, “Comparative Evaluations Of Combustion, Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Diesel Engine Using Castor Biodiesel Blends”, International Conference on Insights in Mechanical & Civil Engineering (ICIMCE-2019), DYPIET, Pune, India, 26-27 April 2019

Academic Year 2017-18

  • Santosh V. Bhaskar and Hari N. Kudal, “Investigation of Tribological Behaviour of Nitrided and Coated AISI 4140 Steel” Journal of Materials Science & Surface Engineering, Vol- 5 No.5, pp 627-632
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Academic Year 2016-17

  • L. S. Dhamande and  B. Chaudhari , “Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Statistical Feature Extraction in Time and Frequency Domain and Neural Network” International Journal of Vehicle Structures Systems, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp.229-240 DOI:104273/ijvss.8.4.09, 2016,
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Academic Year 2015-16

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Academic Year 2014-15

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