Examination Department 

At the heart of our autonomous institute lies the Examination Department, a pivotal entity ensuring the smooth and transparent conduct of examinations and timely declaration of results. Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon takes pride in employing modern tools and techniques to uphold the highest standards of examination integrity and efficiency.

Key Features:

Collaborative Endeavor:

The efficient functioning of the Examination Department relies on the collective cooperation of all stakeholders, including Director, Deans, Heads of Departments, faculty, administrative staff, and students. By adhering to prescribed procedures and timelines, each member contributes to the overall success of the examination process, thereby upholding the reputation and integrity of the institute.

At Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon, the Examination Department is committed to excellence, transparency, and fairness in all its endeavors, ensuring a conducive environment for academic growth and achievement.