Laboratory details

Sr. No.Name of the LaboratoryArea in Sq. MetersMajor EquipmentCost of Equipment’s (Rs.)
01 CAD/CAM LAB 100 1.Pro-E Wildfire 5.0 software
2.ANSYS 14 software
3.Master CAM software V.7
4.MATLAB Software
5.Auto Desk Inventor Prof.2
6.CADian Software 2006
7.Unigraphics Software
8.Auto Cad R12 Soft ware
9.Catia Software
10.Ideas software
02 METROLOGY LAB 66 1.Profile Projector
2.Tool Makers Microscope
3.Slip Gauge Set
4.Monochromatic light unit
5.Floating Carriage diameter measuring machine
6.Surface roughness tester
7.Pneumatic comparator
03 MECHATRONICS LAB 83 1.Calibration of Flowmeter setup
2.Calibration of thermocouple and RTD setup
3.Load cell setup with strain gauge
4.Liquid level measurement setup
5.Rotary positioning system
6.Displacement measurement using LVDT
7.Vibration measurement setup
8.PID trainer
9.Articulated robot six axis model VA 6E
04 INDUSTRIAL  FLUID POWER LAB 82 1.Hydraulic motor
2.Charging kit for accumulator
3.Pneumatic trolley with frame FRL unit and distribution block
4.Animation software for hydraulic components and circuits
5.Triple gear oil pump test rig
6.Pneumatic cylinder 3 nos.
7.Yuken make Hydraulic pump
05 METALLURGY  LAB 165 1.Metallurgical Microscopes
2.Electrolytic Polishing m/c
3.Meta Olympus Microscope
4.Magnetic Particle Tester
5.Close circuit T.V. system with Resolution CCD Camera and 14” colour monitor
6.Jominy Hardenability Testing equipment
7.High Power Inverted Meta microscope
8.Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
9.High Temp. Furnaces
06 THEORY OF MACHINES LAB 97 1.Motorized Gyroscope
2.Slider Crank Mechanism
3.Universal Governor Apparatus
4.Static & Dynamics Balancing Apparatus
5.Manual Tachometer
6.Epicyclical gear  trainer to   measure  the torque
7.Friction clutch test rig.
8.Belt Friction Test Rig.
9.Belt Transmission Wheel Balancing
07 PROJECT LAB 66 1.Air Blower
2.RL Engine 35 cc
3.Centrifugal pump
5.Solar panel 35 wat
6.Solar Battery Charger
7.Hydraulic Ram
8.Gear BOX
9.Electrical Motor
10.DC Stepper Motor
11.Gear Box assembly
12.KabsonPortable stove auto
08 REFRI. & A/C LAB 97 1.Air Conditioning Tutor
2.Old Vapor Absorption Refrigerator
3.Vapour Compressor Refrigerant Test Rig.
4.Ice Plant Tutor
5.Temperature Scanner
09 STEAM ENGINE LAB 165 1.Reciprocating Air Compressor
2.Gas Turbine Or Turbojet
3.Water tank (2500 lit)
5.Y Type Strainer Moisture  Separator
6.Water Flow Meter
7.Revomax Boiler
8.Joule’s Experimental Set Up
9.Separating and Throttling Calorimeter
10 HEAT TRANSFER LAB 140 1.Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus
2.Thermal Conductivity of an Insulating Powder Apparatus
3.Heat Transfer Through Natural Convection.
4.Heat Transfer From Pin-Fin Under Natural & Forced Convection mode Apparatus
5.StefanBoltzmann’s Apparatus.
6.Critical Heat Flux Apparatus.
7.EmissivityMeasurement Apparatus.
8.Parallel Flow/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus.
9.Dropwise&Filmwise Condensation Apparatus.
10.Thermal Conductivity Apparatus Two Slab Guarded
11 FLUID MACHINERY LAB 210 1.Pelton Turbine test rig
2.Francis Turbine test rig
3.Kaplan Turbine test Rig
4.Hydraulic Ram
5.Centrifugal Pump
6.Plunger Pump (Reciprocating)
12 I. C. ENGINE LAB 165 1.Horizontal Diesel Engine
2.V.C.R. Petrol Engine
3.T.M. Made Four Cylinders Four Stroke Diesel Engine
4.Micro Processor Based Auto Exhaust CO/ HC Analyzer Model
5.Eddy Current Dynamometer
6.“Netel” Make Smoke Meter for Diesel Engine Model
7.Pollution Testing Machinery Gas Analyzer SL
13 P. G. DESIGN LAB 66 Pin on Disc Wear & Friction Monitoring, Multi-Channel Spectrum(FFT) Analyzer, Set up for Condition Monitoring of Machine elements, 20,49,923.00
14 RESEARCH LAB 66 1.SSE65-01 Zenith smart Style PC
2.MiniTab 17  software
3.Dell Laptop Vostro-2520
4.SAP Software Site Lic.
5.Lenovo Desktop PC
6.Canon ScanLide120Scanner